About Open Heart SOULutions

About Open Heart SOULutions

What makes you different from other “Transformational coachs, “Spirituitive” Healers" & "heARTists”?

There has never been any sort of attraction for me in comparing with others.  I didn’t become a coach to compare myself to other coaches, but rather to help empower people.  Appropriately, I teach my clients to stop comparing themselves to others.  🙂  It’s very empowering to bring the focus back on the “self” instead of on “others”.

Other coaches do what they do and I’m convinced they do what they truly believe is the best thing to do for them and their clients, and that’s awesome. The clients that are meant to work with them will, and the ones that are meant to work with me will.  See how easy that is?  I flow!

So the simplest answer is:  I’m me.  That’s all.  No comparison.  I’m Janick, and I always show up authentically.  I bring all that I am :   the coach, the mentor, the healer, the friend, the human being, the Divine Being, the channeller, the Unconditional Love Lover, etc

If you really want to know “why coach with me”, sure… I can elaborate about my style:

I truly coach “in the moment” and you can count on me to be fully committed and always show up from and in a place of Love.  I do not know any other way of being, than to be me:  I’m highly passionate, dedicated, focused, exceptionally  attentive, and acutely intuitive.  I serve you with all my gifts.  I’m gifted with the power to help others help themselves.  I can literally transform someones’ life by using my innate gifts of intuition and healing.  I am able to align Self-with-Soul by tuning into Truth and keenly find the gifts/lessons/growth and healing opportunities in all “perceived” mistakes, challenges, and situations.  I have an unwavering respect and appreciation for life and all its beauty.

In my life, I’ve learned to hone my skills to connect the inner world to the outer one, to transmute negative energy into positive one, to connect with Light Beings and tune in my intuition.

Finally, I have managed to heal myself from all the places of hurt in my life.  I’ve learned to Love Unconditionally and resultantly, I forgave myself and everyone else.

Now, I help others do the same… Always from a place of Unconditional Love and deep, profound soul compassion.

I love Love.   I love to be loved, and I love to love others!  I help my clients remember that they, too,  ARE LOVE AND LOVED, and learn to love themselves unconditionally.

Who are your clients?

I attract and align with people just like you who are looking for a long-lasting, deep-rooted change in their life.  My clients crave a deeper connection to themselves, to others, and to the world around them.  Feeling united and connected is essential in their life.

They may be energy workers, holistic practitioners, peace makers, or mentors who yearn to get in touch with their inner-truth because they KNOW they have a dream and a message within them that long to brought to light so they can live their vision with purpose and passion.

However,  they have never found someone whom they could count on to help them get in touch with their vision, define in, embrace it, and embody it; someone who they trust with their Truth and Heart and connect with on a soul level that has the power to help them transform their life and live it out  to the fullest.

They are:

  • Healers
  • Coaches/Mentors/Consultants
  • Energy and Light Workers;
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Speakers/Writers/Authors
  • Actors
  • Natural Born Teachers/Educators/Facilitators
  • Peace Makers
  • Visionaries
  • Creators
  • Trailblazers
  • Environmentalists
  • Leaders
  • heARTists
  • Creative and Spiritual Entrepreneurs
  • Passionate and avantgardist Womenpreneurs
  • Solopreneurs on a mission