Admit it.


Admit it.

We’ve all done it at one point or another in our lives.

Blame others for our misfortunes. Blame society for our circumstances.
Blame loved ones for our hurt, our pain, our sadness, our anger.
Blame our boss or colleagues for not getting that raise or promotion.

Blame anybody else and everything else BUT ourselves.

But when was the last time you took full responsibility for YOUR life?

Do you not SEE that no one and nothing has any power or control over you? And that if you believe they do, it is an illusion, and a construction from your imagination in order to justify how you are not taking responsibility for your life?

It’s not your boss.
It’s not your ex.
It’s not your spouse.
It’s not your parents.
It’s not your teacher.
It’s not your friend.
It’s not your neighbor.
It’s not the government.
It’s not faith/karma/destiny/bad luck.
It’s not God/Universe/Allah/Jehovah/Spirit/Evil/etc

It’s YOU.

“All growth is from within. This is evident in all nature. Every plant, every animal, every human is a living testimony to this great law, and the error of the ages is in looking for strength or power from without.”
~ The Master Key System, by Charles F. Haanel.

Stand in your power.
Take full responsibility for your life.
Transform your life.
Face the fears that are holding you back from living authentically.
Absolutely choose your life.

And ask yourself those two questions:

“Who would you be if you truly believed that it is within you to be all that you can be?”

“Why are you holding back?”

When and if you’re ready to answer these two questions with courage, vulnerability, humility, and honesty, get in touch with me. I’ll hold your hand all the way, help you shed some light on what’s going on, i’ll guide you and support you and provide you with tools that will ignite the fire within you to live the life that you choose.

From my soul to yours,

with Love, Joy and Peace always,

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Energy Shifter, Intuitive Artist & Love Guru
Certified Law of Attraction Coach
Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer Trainer
Certified Angel Card Reader
Reiki Master and Teacher

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