Getting Soul Naked With Janick

Getting Soul Naked With Janick

Getting Soul-Naked begins with getting crystal clear about who you are and what you want. Your true value, where your power really comes from, how to manifest what you want (including more money), creating powerful intentions that get you results as well as getting your message out there. 

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What exactly is Soul-Naked™ system and what does it include?

 Here’s what the System gets you to do:

  1. Manifestation Master Plan

We go deep, we dive in and explore all the areas in your life that you want to change and help you get CRYSTAL clear on what it is you actually

want in your life.  Every step of the way, we set clear intentions on what you want to manifest and what you want to create.

Here, we’re setting solid foundations in order for you to live a life you design instead of living your life by default.

  1. Creating a safe place for Healing

I connect with your soul and together we create a safe place where light can come into the dark spaces.  Because it is a safe and sacred space, it does.

We bring to light all of the dark unconscious fears, phobias, and limitations.  Once the inner resistance and blockages that were hiding in those dark spaces are revealed into the light, it allows us to heal and release them.

  1. Transformation/Elevation

This is where I open up my treasure chest and use a variety of processes, tools and techniques to move you through your transformation.  This is where I bring into play my healing powers, my acute intuition, my channeling abilities, my card readings, and all of my experience and resources for your transformation to take place in divine order.

My “bag of tricks” is filled with training I’ve received from Doreen Virtue, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Brené Brown, Mike Dooley, Christie Marie Sheldon, Sanaya Roman, Chrisie Whitman, Colette Baron-Reid, Deepak Chopra, my Reiki teachers, and so much more to name here.

  1. Stepping into the Light

Begin to witness your vision coming into life. Embody your Soul-Naked self, who you are, who you were meant to be and live the life you were meant to live. You’re owning more and more of your power and your authentic self, and being more radiant and being of higher vibration. you're witnessing and seeing the results show up into your life as you step into the your own light, united in Oneness.

  1. Celebrate & Expand!

I’m all about celebration. When we celebrate, we raise our vibrations. So it should come as no surprise that we’ll focus a lot of our time celebrating wins and creating the new habit of celebrating what shows up for you. What you focus on expands and everything you are learning and experiencing is of your creation.

When we celebrate what's right, we find the energy to fix what's wrong.  ~ Dewitt Jones

For what type of professionals are your programs NOT going to work?

My time (and yours!) is very valuable, and I’m very discerning when it comes to take clients onboard.  Yes, I say “no” - More often than you can imagine! It would be ungenuine for me to say “yes” no matter what, and ignore my intuition and inner guidance.  After all, I walk the talk and live by the principles I teach.  So if we are not aligned, I respect “what is” and deliberately turn you away, for I have a deep knowing that it would be disserving you, me, and my “yes” clients.

You will NOT benefit from our partnership and from the Soul-Naked programs,  if:

  • you are unwilling to take full responsibly for your life;
  • you are unable to fully commit and follow through on your commitments;
  • you are close-minded and close-hearted;
  • you don’t believe in a higher power (God, Christ, Buddha, Universe, Divine, Spirit, Allah, Higher Spirit, Holy Spirit, Self, Truth, etc)
  • you are dishonest with yourself;
  • you are depressed;
  • you are financially desperate;
  • you find yourself in this list:
    • atheist
    • agnostic
    • cynic
    • disbeliever
    • doubter
    • chronic skeptic
    • egotistic
    • superficial
    • narcissist
    • irresponsible
    • complainer
    • naysayer
    • whiner
    • disrespectful
    • lier
    • irreverent
    • coldhearted
    • martyr

A word about your financial situation:  There is a fine line in truly Being in a financial crisis and believing that you are.  My clients find the money to work with me once the say YES to what they know is the right thing to do.  I believe in universal abundance and I don’t buy in the “I can’t afford you” nor the “I don’t have the money for this”.  I have found that people have a false idea of what “money” is and where it “comes” from.

Bottom line:  It’s NEVER about the money and I will never feed in your limiting belief that you can not be abundant.

However, if you genuinely are in a financial crisis, I want to tell you that it’s absolutely okay and that there is NOTHING wrong with this experience.  Hey, believe me:  I’ve been in financial crisis more than once in my life. I invite you to embrace this situation as an infinite beautiful manifestation that you’ve created to candidly look at your limiting beliefs surrounding money and transform them.

Do you find yourself thinking:

  • Making money is hard;
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees;
  • I wasn’t born to be rich;
  • I can’t afford to make mistakes;
  • I can never hold on to money;
  • Something's gotta give;
  • Money goes out faster than it comes in;
  • There is only a limited way I can make money;
  • I'll never be rich;
  • I’m not good enough at anything to make money;
  • People like me aren’t well paid;
  • The economy is bad so it’s hard to get clients and/or a good paying job;
  • etc

Here are a few very concrete actions you can do to turn your finances around RIGHT NOW, and they are either free or at a very low cost:

  • Make a point to visit, and follow me there. I share awareness, tools, free gifts and videos on a regular basis.  You can ask me questions right there and get some free and “right on” insights.  Make sure to “Join my List” so you can receive my Soul-Naked newsletter filled with valuable insights, offers, wisdom, announcements, and freebies to get you in the right vibe;
  • Visit YouTube and search terms such as “energy” “abundance” “resistance” “Abraham Hicks” etc. Listen to these videos and DO the exercises.  The Law is the Law:  It works regardless of your belief in it or not;
  • For a very low - but sound - investment of $35, you can purchase some of my “Money” webinars, such as “Release your Resistance to Money” and “Becoming one with the Energy of Money” and start tuning into the Universal Abundance. You also get to ask me specific questions about your specific situation;
  • Find an online copy of “A Happy pocket Full of Money”by David Cameron Gikandi and read that book until you start to bend your mind around Quantum Physics and you start to embody it.

I suppose one could say you’ll know right from these readily accessible action steps if you’re committed to your success or not, and if we’re a good fit or not.  If these 4 simple steps are too much for you, Soul-Naked is definitely NOT for you.

Au contraire, if you find yourself jumping onboard with these suggestions and start to experience your power as the co-creator of your life and start to be excited at the prospect of infinite possibilities, we can start assessing if working together is conceivable.  This will all happen in Divine Timing.  Know that when you are ready, it will be the perfect time and I’ll be here for you.

*** Make note that I will NOT work with the personalities described above, NO exception.  If you recognized yourself in the above depiction, I respectfully and assertively request that you NOT contact me.   We’ll probably just not work well together and I wouldn’t want us to waste our time, our energy, or your money.  Does that sound just?