Houston we have a problem…

So! As promised yesterday, I will let you know what happened to me as I thought my last breaths were counted last night on a flight from Barbados to (Dominica) ending in Antigua.

Long story short, after boarding an hour delayed fight from Barbados destination Dominica, we were on our way until the aircraft experienced some major technical difficulties causing the pressurization system to fail, accompanied a few moments later by the smell of something burning.

We flew right over Dominica – straight to Antigua where supposedly it was safer to land – and if something was to go wrong – they would be better able to assist.
As it became more and more evident that the situation was critical, some passengers got very ill, and a sense a panic floated in the cabin, with some people ignoring the “no electronic devices” – placing calls left and right; others ignoring the “stay in your seats with your seat belt on” and were moving in the aircraft in search of an answer/solution, some women and children crying, men being loud, and the poor (but calm and kind) air stewardess was trying to manage everyone.
Even the captain’s voice was not reassuring although it was speaking words intended to reassure us.

I’ve experienced many “challenging” flights in my life, with a previous emergency landing due to fire in the cockpit! Even then, although palpitating, was not as alarming as my flight last night.

I honestly considered that these might be my last moments in this body of mine.

I thought to myself: If this was it, what would I want my message to be?

So in the midst of chaos and turbulence, I picked up my ipod (on airplane mode!) and started writing a good bye note to my loved ones –
as I was sending Light and Love energy to my fellow (less calm than me) passengers to sooth their souls and hearts (literally – their hearts!).
In between words and sentences, I was invoking Lord Michael, my guardian Angels and Archangels, and I remember thinking “what the heck! All Angels and Archangels!!!!)
I was feeling my (and our) connection to the Divine, it was very intense, and I understood that everything was (is) in Divine Order, in Divine Synchronicity, for the Highest good of all.

Some may think I’m crazy … but it’s the truth. I was truly calm and serene. If anything, I allowed myself to feel the emotion of sadness in thinking I might not see Denis, Marie-Ann, and Denis’ children again.

I also allowed and let go of the thought of “but I’m not done here -I wanted to help so many more people”

I kept on writing – and in an act of total transparency and vulnerability, I will share my “last words” with you in the next few days.

Obviously, the story has a happy ending – (happy human ending , since our souls are eternal) since I’m writing to you tonight!!!! I had a WONDERful day, with amazing people, authentic, real, kind and caring.

Interesting and striking fact about all of this though: As I was getting closer to the island of Antigua, I was thinking of a soul-sister of mine that lives there…. I “felt” her. I was intending to contact her if I was going to be “stranded” there overnight.

Would you believe that within 10 minutes of being on Antigua land, and 5 minutes of having Wi-Fi connection, even before I hit enter for my post indicating I was in Antigua, SHE contacted me????

Soul connections are absolutely astounding. And REAL. You don’t need to believe in ENERGY for ENERGY to BE.

Look out for my post tomorrow – I’ll share with you my “Last Love note” to my loved ones.

Good night!

Breathe in Love, Breathe out Light.
Breathe in Light, Breathe out Love.


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