How do you raise your vibration?

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Your vibration will raise automatically just by focusing on what makes you happy!  So.  What does make you happy?  Think of the things that makes you happy, that brings you so much joy and peace even just by thinking of doing them! When you do those things, you are so filled with joy that you offer no resistance to life!  You are in the FLOW!

I’ll share with you some of things that make me happy – that when I do them, I am enjoying (in-joy-ing!) them so much that in that very moment, I KNOW and FEEL that I’m living on PURPOSE.

  • Teaching, Inspiring, Transforming, and being a catalyst for change in people’s life!
  • Spending time with Denis, my husband!
  • Spending time with my friends and family with great food and great wine!
  • Singing!
  • Exercising and taking care of my body!
  • Painting!
  • and so much more!

So what are the things that MAKE YOU HAPPY?

When was the last time you did them?

What is stopping you from doing them?  How do you prevent yourself from being happy?  Do you blame others?  Yourself?  Do you find yourself saying “if only I had the money”, or “if only I had more time”?  ENOUGH with the excuses and the self-sabotage!  Make yourself you’re #1 priority.

Truth is, you can not afford NOT to do the things that make you happy.  Happiness is an emotion that acts as your internal GPS system, guiding you on YOUR journey.  Ignore your emotions and you will lose your way.

I encourage you to think about all the things that make you happy, and maybe just pick one or two for now, that bring you most joy, and CHOOSE to do them.  Make them your priority.  Schedule them in your agenda.  Book some time off for YOU!

Did you know that you can to tune in and express happiness at any moment you choose to?  Yes, I wrote choose, because it is YOUR choice, and you can make that choice at any point in time.

Believe or not, YOU are WIRED to be happy!  Life is supposed to be fun, easy, joyful, harmonious!  The more you do things that make you happy, the more happiness you’ll bring into your life, the easier you’re life will be, and you will live more and more in “the flow”..

So once again, what makes you happy?  Hiking?  Playing a musical instrument?  Reading?  Meditating? Cooking?

Yes, do what makes you happy.  Don’t delay.  Don’t postpone.  Your life is Right Here, Right Now.

I hope you enjoy the feelings of happiness today and every day!

If you want help implementing this information into your life, I am here for you.  I am a certified coach, and I can help you implement this information and attain your goals and visions. There is no cost or obligation for a FREE BREAKTHROUGH session.  Contact me and we’ll set up a time.

from my soul to yours,

with Love, Joy and Peace always,

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Energy Shifter, Intuitive Artist & Love Guru
Certified Law of Attraction Coach
Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer Trainer
Certified Angel Card Reader
Reiki Master and Teacher

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