I refuse to let some lost souls dim my light

Tonight, my meditation’s intention will focus on how I started the day – with the deep KNOWING, unshakable, unwavering and profound consciousness that we ARE ALL ALIKE for we all draw from the same resource: our human heart.

We ARE ALL LOVE and LOVED, no matter what the outside circumstances may lead us to believe –

I refuse to let lost souls dim my light and lead me into the dark. If I choose to hate them – they win, and humanity loses.

HATE attracks more HATE. LOVE attracts more LOVE

I, Janick Lemieux, choose Love. Again. Always.

Unsinkable Love, Light, and Peace.

BE the change in the world – for what the world needs is more Love and Light – not more hatred and violence –

So, tonight, to ALL – I am sending energy of Unconditional Love and obstinate pacifism.

from my soul to yours,


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