Relax nothing is under control!

nothing is under control

I posted two days ago “What happens when you think your last breaths are counted?”
In a true Soul-Naked moment, I would like to open my heart and soul to you.
Today, I choose to share with you my “Last Love Note to my Loved Ones”, allowing myself to be totally vulnerable, authentic and transparent.

To my love, Denis, my angel, Marie-Ann,
and my loved ones.
Something is wrong with the aircraft pressurization system.
No longer landing in Dominica, but in Antigua.
Burnt smell in the aircraft.
Not sure what is going on, but I am sure that I love you.
I’m very calm, and serene, although there are some intense emotions onboard.
I feel the presence of Lord Michael with me. I also invoked all guardian angels and archangels for a divine intervention.
No matter what happens, I want you to know that you have made my life such an amazing, uplifting, and marvelous journey.
Thank you for choosing “me” in this lifetime.
Our body is just condensed energy. Energy is everywhere. So I am right here with you, within you, the air you breathe in and out. I am you.
You are me.
We are Love and Loved.
Thank you for Shining your Light and Love with me.
It is my “egotistical” wish that you continue to shine Light and Love as a celebration of me, of us, of you, of the beautiful divine being of Light and Love that you are.
Do not cry too long – for I want you to laugh, hug, smile, play, love, and share.
Love each other, respect each other, and communicate with each other.
Love yourself unconditionally – you are a soul within a body – treat your body well for it’s a vessel for this human journey. Be kind to yourself, you are precious. Be kind to others, they might be lost and in search of Light – your love and kindness will be their guiding light.
Random acts of kindness uplifts the soul and unites all souls, for we are all One, which I believe is the truth.
Pay it forward, yes, pay forward all the blessings you’ve had and still have in your life. This too, will bring you closer to the Oneness of all.
I’ll come visit in the Spirits of deers, bears, hummingbirds, and the smell of lilacs.
I’ll be humming along “all you need is love”, “come what may” and “you are my sunshine”!
Live fully! Live on purpose and authentically. Speak up for yourselves.
Denis – you’re a magnificent man, my soul-mate, my rock, my love, my friend, my lover – I love you.
Marie-Ann, my miracle baby – you, too, are my soul-mate. We are connected in a most spectacular way. You are so amazing chérie – please see it in the depth of your eyes every time you face a mirror. I love you.
Merci pour tout maman. Je t’aime.
Jo, Will, Cass, Emman. Speak to your father. He is an incredible man. I love you all.
Je t’aime Emma, je suis et serai toujours avec toi. Sois gentille et douce avec ta maman. Marlie – Je t’aime ma chérie.

To all my friends, past and present – I feel blessed that my path has crossed yours, whether it was for a reason, a season or a lifetime, I am grateful for you, for your love, your light, your soul’s guidance. You are too many to name and I don’t have much time – but you know who you are for our connection was a wholehearted one.

Breathe in Love, Breathe out Light.
Breathe in Light, Breathe out Love.


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