Speech well done tonight!

"Identity thieves" speech getting some great attention! "Most powerful, emotional, and well presented speech this year" "Wow! What a powerful speech!" "I felt inspired and an "unexpected surprised" sense of peace" Here's to add to my goal of touching and transforming 250,00 people's lives by 2025! with Love, Joy and Peace always, Energy Shifter, Intuitive Artist & Love Guru Certified Law of Attraction Coach Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer Trainer Certified Angel Card Reader Reiki Master and Teacher 226-238-8178 about.me/janicklemieux www.janicklemieux.com www.facebook.com/openheartsoulutions www.bookfresh.com/janick-lemieuxopen-heart-soulutions ca.linkedin.com/in/janicklemieux #toastmasters #BestSpeaker #powerful #emotional #bestSpeechoftheYear #compelling #thoughtProvoking #soulnakedjanick #OpenHeartSoulutions #JanickLemieux #coach #inspire #transform…
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Admit it.

Admit it. We've all done it at one point or another in our lives. Blame others for our misfortunes. Blame society for our circumstances. Blame loved ones for our hurt, our pain,…
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Prayer to our Angels

Dear angels, 
Please wrap your healing wings around each and every one of us who needs that extra soothing, comforting, uplifting, and loving hug today. 
Thank you. ~ Janick Lemieux We all have days when we feel lonely, frightened, and/or even hopeless. Do not confuse, however, the -feeling- of being "lonely" for being "alone". You are never alone. The -feeling- of being "frightened" for being unable. You are always able. The -feeling- of being "hopeless" for being worthless. You are unconditionally worthy. You don't need to ask your angels to come find you. They are…
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