Prayer to our Angels

Dear angels, 
Please wrap your healing wings around each and every one of us who needs that extra soothing, comforting, uplifting, and loving hug today. 
Thank you. ~ Janick Lemieux We all have days when we feel lonely, frightened, and/or even hopeless. Do not confuse, however, the -feeling- of being "lonely" for being "alone". You are never alone. The -feeling- of being "frightened" for being unable. You are always able. The -feeling- of being "hopeless" for being worthless. You are unconditionally worthy. You don't need to ask your angels to come find you. They are…
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Show and Grow Your Business Expo

As always, your love and support is always appreciated! Thank you! I'm attending the "Show and Grow Your Business Expo" on Saturday, October 18th at the Rec Plex in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. Come find me! Two of my intuitive paintings will be on display and greetings cards will be for sale. "The book of Life" and in the background is "The Healer" I'm putting together a 6-week Intuitive painting workshop, and am stocked to be offering it in the next few weeks! Dates to be announced. I paint as I strive to live: following the…
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