Tune out distractions


Today’s card is from #Soul lessons & Soul Purpose by #SoniaChoquette:

Is your head filled with the #voices, #choices, and then #opinions of #others? Have you lost #contact with your #inner #guidance in the midst of listening to these people? Are you constantly wrestling with doing the right thing, #fearful that you’ll make a mistake and suffer irreversible #consequences-therefore hesitating to make a #decision at all? If you’re tired of the #struggle, then you’re making #progress. Your #spirit is gaining #strength in its #quest to connect you to your #authentic voice.

Your soul’s #purpose right now is…
To recognize the voice of your higher self. It connects you to your deepest wisdom and to that of the universe. It doesn’t flatter, interrupt, or coerce, nor does it make you feel special in anyway. It’s subtle and consistent, and tunes you into direct communication with your soul. Only this inner guidance can lead you to what is true for you, so all other voices must go.

Your soul’s #lesson is…
Have the discipline to block out the din of the external world so that you can listen to the still voice within. It can be heard, but it won’t compete with the world for your attention. You must choose to heed it, and refuse to allow your life to be run by others. Be selective about what you take in from outside yourself; only then will you find the answers you’re seeking.


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