What if we were all just walking each other home


When I ask questions out into the Universe, I am the inquisitive child begging to know more. I sit at the edge of the thought, peering out in to the darkness looking for answers and a light to guide me.

In the silence, I wait and just when I don’t think I can wait any longer, I realize it is the same voice I asked that responds. It’s my higher-self that knows.

Who am I?

I realize this question is flawed because there is an “I” asking. It’s my Ego. I revisit the sentiment with “Who is “I” ?” and my body reacts with shivers that are pleasing.

If I’m asking these questions, then maybe you are too. The energy that lives in me, that makes me alive, is the exact same energy that makes the miracle of you. You breathe the same air that I breathe. Your blood, even though our DNA is different, has the same life force as mine.

So, who or what is this power and this source that brings us life?

It feels as if we received a VIP invitation for a journey on Earth, explaining that Earth is like an island in Heaven. Many forget that Earth is one of the most WONDERfull places IN Heaven.

Our response was pure delight, “Oh my word! Yes!” Then we asked, “but what will we do on Earth?”
“You get to experience all the wonders that BEing human entails.” said the Universe.

Our reaction contained the same enthusiasm; “You mean we’ll get to know what it’s like to feel anger and sadness, and joy and happiness, and to be hurt and to be vulnerable? And, and, and…!!!”

“Yes! You can choose any experience you want, and as many as you want!” the Universe replied with a twinkle in its “eye”.

“Yes, we want to!”

And so, we agreed.

But before we were on board completely there was a “disclaimer” we needed to agree to: “You may forget that Earth is IN Heaven and that you are Love.”

Confused and uncertain, we investigated further, “Well. We don’t want that.”

“Be at peace”, the Universe promptly added. “Everyone on Earth are all from Heaven too so you will all be there to remind each other that you are still in Heaven and that you are Love.”

“But what if we all forget?” we further enquired.

The Universe held us close and soothed our concerns, “Then you have to have faith and there will be a spark somewhere or in someone that will help you to remember.”

“Will you BE there for me?”

“Yes, I will BE there for you. Even when you feel you are in the eye of the tornado of chaos, or when it is the darkest of the night, I promise I will always see your Light.”

The Universe smiled and we agreed, but before we were born there was but one more piece of information we needed to know.

“There is a dress code to wear on Earth, and it is a human body. Once again, you may forget that you are a soul and not a body, but it will be up to you to let your soul shine through your body.”

And so we came here fully aware that we would forget at times. We came here with the understanding that we have each other in order to comfort, care and understand. We agreed to support one another along our journey. We knew we would forget that we are light and Love, but we promised to help one another remember who we are.

Do you remember? I need you to remember who I really am because if you forget who I am, than I will forget who I am as well and we’ll both be lost.

So here we are. The time is now. The date is today.

I promised I would not let you forget. I assure you, I see your Light, and I feel your Love.

Ps: I Love you.

from my soul-naked soul to yours,

Janick Lemieux,
Wholehearted gratitude to Andrea Currie for her editing skills.

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